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Villas for sale Costa del Sol – Factors driving the real estate business in the zone

Villas for sale Costa del Sol – Factors driving the real estate business in the zone

The south of Spain is one of the main regions receiving real estate investments every year. The factors that have allowed this are related to the life quality of the area, preferred for many people coming from different locations. Let’s see details explaining why a property for sale in Costa del Sol is an excellent option.

The offers are really attractive in the area, especially in terms of houses, villas and luxury apartments. On the other hand, the zone extends over 185 kilometers of delicious Mediterranean coast and there are lots of entertaining places to visit. The combination makes it an outstanding commercial trade.

Factors driving the real estate business in Costa del Sol

Why villas for sale in Costa del Sol are a good business?

  • A great Mediterranean climate

This region is undoubtedly known for providing an excellent weather all year long. More than 300 sunny days call the investors’ attention from countries with terrible cold winters. People of medium and high purchasing power simply prefer to flee from these atmospheric conditions and take refuge here. Besides that usually there is no rain to disturb the beach trips.

  • Striking real Estate offers

The area is synonymous of luxury, attractive assets, large terraces or balconies overlooking the sea and the greatest possible comfort. On this way you can find, or example, a contemporary style villa in Marbella fully equipped with modern furniture and equipments plus private pool and entrance for two cars.

  • Europe’s favorite destination for golfers

The impressive amount of golf courses (about 100) has provoked this zone to be nicknamed Costa del Golf. There are also a large number of properties located within the fields, which are astonishing. This condition allows people to live more closely to their passion and being immersed in a very sporty atmosphere. Additionally, the clubs can be used always because of the mild weather already mentioned.

  • Residence permits for investments superior to half millions of euros

Recently the Spanish Government emitted the Law of Entrepreneurs, useful for international buyers. A person that gets an asset for the stated amount will receive the residence visa, permitting his/her spouse and their children to live legally in the country. It has boosted the property sales since those which are luxurious, big and outstanding surpass that budget and let them to acquire the approval.

Others reasons could be there are more than 120 beaches to select. This is an immense business for rentals in periods the owners have to stay in their specific countries. Also, the availability of leisure and entertainment venues is in the order of hundreds, the tourism is powerful the whole year and the environment is multicultural. Definitely, villas for sale in Costa del Sol are opportunities that cannot be wasted.

Villas for sale Costa del Sol Factors

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