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United Kingdom becomes strong.

United Kingdom becomes strong.

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The British economy is growing faster than expected ( 3%), the unemployment rate has dropped to 6.9% , the housing market is like in its best times , the proof of it is the flat that has been acquired in London last day for £ 140 million which makes it the world’s most expensive apartment .

All this, mixed with that the pound is at its highest point against the dollar in recent months has sparked optimism in the UK.

Some economists tell the growth of the British economy is due to the great improvement in the housing market and that first-time buyers who have returned to the market , other economists say however that this growth is largely due to the fact that wages have closed the gap with inflation and that has made that families have  more optimism to consume , and this would have been the main reason to boost construction, base of the current success in the country.

From the rest of Europe and particularly since Spain is expected to UK growth is reflected in the increase in tourism and the sale of properties in Spain.

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