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TORREVIEJA, Quality destination

TORREVIEJA, Quality destination

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Torrevieja Neighbours are in a lucky mood because Torrevieja Mayor, Eduardo Dolon, has announced that the town will adhere to the “Sistema Integral de Calidad Turística en Destino (SICTED)”, a national plan directed and developed to enhance the satisfaction and experience of the people that visit and live in Torrevieja.

Living in Torrevieja has always been a luxury but this accession will contribute to make Torrevieja a destination to reside with a unique quality of life because the plan has aimed to improve the quality of tourist destinations.

To be able to carry out this plan in a local level (municipal) will be essential the coordinated participation of all public and private institutions in order to ensure an optimal level of quality for the entire set.

Thus, the implication of this draft businessmen and traders draft of different tourism sectors (hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, businesses active tourism, private transfers, etc) will be vital.

The City of  Torrevieja promote the delivery of courses to those companies that wish to participate in joining the project, providing expertise and programs to be able to develop the activity.

Indeed, the “Certamen Internacional de Habaneras and Polifonías” of Torrevieja, which this year will celebrate its 60th anniversary; could be the first big event of the town, recognized by this quality system.

Therefore, the town of Torrevieja, becomes part of the 159 national tourist destinations, involved in this project, initiated by Tourespaña, in order to promote, among other things, our shores as a privileged place to spend a few days or live.

Whether residents of Torrevieja, for the casual tourists or for those who are considering the possibility of buying a property in Torrevieja, the adherence to this plan will enable the possibility to enjoy this unique environment.

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