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Torrevieja Easter processions 2015

Torrevieja Easter processions 2015

One year more, this declared holiday of provincial tourist interest, was giving beginning on Sunday, the 29th with its traditional solemn blessing of Palms and Branches.

Throughout this week, until Sunday, the 5th of April, we will be able to enjoy these spectacular and only processions formed by 14 brotherhoods and a multitude of hoods and costaleros.

This event, like every year, sample since brothers integrate in the city of Torrevieja and costaleros of diverse nationalities, especially, we have inside the steps, a called International brotherhood, Nuestro Padre Jesús en la Oración del Huerto de los Olivos, which receives a large number of respect and admiration on the part of the neighbors of Torrevieja, for being, one of the thrones of major dimensions and in turn, for the honesty and synchrony of its international costaleros, mostly British, directed for Graham Knight.

Thanks to this wonderful time, he will be able to enjoy these processions this week in the streets of Torrevieja, an event that undoubtedly, I DO NOT KNOW CAN LOSE IT.cartel_2015_2 images torrevieja-semana-santa-1

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