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Tips for reducing energy consumption at home.

Tips for reducing energy consumption at home.

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From Europrestige we want to give some tips for customers who have their property in Spain to know how to reduce energy consumption.

So, we should know which appliances consume the most part of the energy in our property :

First find the refrigerator with 30.6 % of total energy consumption, followed by the television and 12.2 %, Washing machine: 11.8%, Oven: 8.3%, Computers: 7.4%, Freezers: 6.1% Dishwasher: 6.1%, Dryers: 3.3 %.

With this we can get the idea that it is the most important thing to save energy , for example when we go away for a while it should turn off the fridge because we know that it is the device that consumes the most part of the energy , we should just put the washing machine when it is full in order to make the most of energy , and we can try to disconnect from the current most appliances that stay on stand -by as they continue to consume energy without any utility and according to data compiled by IDEA is about 7% of total energy consumption of our property .

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