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The Spanish Tradition: The Three Wise Men.

The Spanish Tradition: The Three Wise Men.

From Euro Prestige we want to explain one of the most popular Spanish traditions to foreigners who have their new property in Spain and have lived Christmas here, perhaps many of them are wondering about the strange tradition of the Three Wise Men and where this tradition comes from.

This tradition has its origins in the Holy Bible, where the Three Wise Men were described, one, with white beard (Melchior), another younger than the others with blonde beard (Gaspar) and the last one who was a Negro (Balthasar) who gave gifts to the baby Jesus at his birth in Bethlehem where they arrived guided by a shooting star.

It makes Spanish children wishing the arrival of the Three Wise Men during the whole year, and it is a great moment of fantasy and illusion for them, according to tradition, children have to write a few weeks before Christmas a letter to the Three Wise Men, explaining them how they have behaved during the year and asking for the gifts they would like to get from them on Christmas.

On the 5th of January, in all Spanish cities, there are parades in which the Three Wise Men appear with their entourage and the children enjoy watching them in their cities. That night the kids must go to bed early to get up early the next morning of the 6thof January to see the gifts that the Three Wise Men have left them at home. The 6th of January also has its typical food, The “Roscon”, a rounded typical cake served at every home in Spain.

I hope this article has helped you to understand better the Spanish tradition of the three Wise Men.



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