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The pleasure of Tapas.

The pleasure of Tapas.

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Spend a day of “Tapeo ” is fundamental to the tourist who comes or who has a property in Spain to taste different kinds of popular Spanish food, good quality and usually with a good price.

In a tapas route can never miss the ham and the traditional Spanish omelette but lately also can taste real masterpieces of haute cuisine in small amounts and even different types of high quality seafood.

In Spain today there are many neighborhoods and even entire villages that specialize in local tapas, these places have representations of the truly original and funny dishes, such as “banderillas”, “pinchos”, “cazuelitas”, etc.

This is always accompanied by a good refreshing beer, good wine or a soft drink, which makes the “Tapas ” a unique experience from Euro Prestige we like to recommend to all our customers.

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