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The Fascinating Facts about Spain

The Fascinating Facts about Spain

The Good Spanish Property News First

The South of Spain has a lot to be proud of, and this includes a rich and diverse history. But, and definitely worth a mention is how the country made a comeback from one of the worst economic crisis in history. The Spanish property crash left a hole in this great nation and pushed people to the breaking point.

Thanks to foreign investors taking an interest in property for sale on Costa del Sol, and even Spanish villas for sale, beachfront property in Spain, and so on; Spain today is officially back in the green. Many experts are declaring full economic recovery which includes the Spanish property market.

Spain Facts

Fascinating Facts about Spain

We all know that the Spaniards are famous for Sangria, Paella, Flamenco and the Siesta.  But there is so much more to this rich and diverse country. Spain has been around for quite some time, like for thousands of years, and as you can well imagine, lots of interesting things have happened since.

España (you won’t believe what it means)

Spain has had a number of different names in its past.  North African inhabitants who crossed over first from Straits of Gibraltar called it Iberia (Land of the Rivers.)  When the Greeks invaded they named it Hesperia meaning land of the setting sun.  Then in 300 BC, when the Carthaginians came to the land, they named it ‘Ispania,’ which means ‘land of the rabbits.  The Romans then later gave it the Latin spin of ‘Hispania,’ which over time has become España.  But the meaning stays the same so Spain is still ‘land of the rabbits’.

Spain is the greatest producer of Olive Oil

When we think of olive oil we immediately connect it to Italy (possibly followed by a very bad impression of the Italian accent.)  However it is Spain that produces 45% of the world’s olive oil.  It is Italy that actually consumes more than Spain at 30% as regards to Spain’s 20%.  The average Spaniard consumes nearly 14 liters of olive oil each year.

The Spanish language

With 329 million native speakers worldwide, Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world.

Spanish New Year – ‘Twelve Grapes’ custom.

This custom is so cool and fun and was originally brought into being by Spanish vine growers as a way to sell their excess grapes  It goes something like this…Find a person (family member or friend) just before the ringing in of the New Year, ready armed and loaded with grapes,(seedless is better, trust us on that one.)   At every new strike of the clock at the countdown, you eat a grape, or at least try, until all twelve grapes have been consumed.  It’s considered good luck if you do.  That’s if you can keep them in your mouth without laughing the whole time.

Salvador Dali Castle

Spain Facts - Salvador Dali

The wonderful and very eccentric Señor Dali did indeed live in the Castle of Púbol.  In 1968, Dalí bought his wife Gala her own separate castle in Púbol, where she would spend time every summer from 1971-1980.  They never lived there together but Dali moved in after Gala’s death, when a fire broke out in the bedroom and he had to be rescued by friends.  He was later moved to his theatre/museum where he lived out the rest of his life.  True story.

Everyone is double barrelled

No, not everyone carries guns at all times but it is tradition here that everybody has two surnames, the first from your father and the second from your mother.  However due to new equality laws, it is being changed in favour of the mother’s surname.

There is no Tooth Fairy in Spain

But there is a rat/mouse type creature named ‘Ratoncito Perez’ that will take away the teeth of children that have fallen out in exchange for gifts.


During both world wars, Spain in fact stayed neutral.

Some of the most endangered animals.

Spain is home to the Mediterranean or Iberian lynx, which is not only one of the most stunning cats but is almost extinct and is the most endangered cat in the world.  There are in fact only a few remaining mammals left in southern Spain and Portugal.  The other protected animals here are the Iberian wild boar, Iberian wolves, the Cantabrian brown bear and the Iberian fox.

Where was Christopher Columbus from?

Some sources claim that Christopher Columbus was actually born in Ibiza, Spain, not Genoa.  It’s seems to be speculation but many still claim that his family coat of arms is Catalan.  The plot thickens.

Same sex marriage.

It has been legal here since 2005.

Was Coca Cola invented in Spain?

The citizens of Ayelo de Malferit, near Valencia, say it actually originated there and not Atlanta Georgia.  There is a possibility that photo evidence exists.

Spain – Fastest growing economy

It is true that Spain has had some of the worst figures for unemployment in Europe so far through the turbulent financial crisis.  However of late it has also been seen to recover much faster than any other European country and is well on the way to being one of the fastest growing economies.  This is evident in house sales, spending, mortgage lending and construction that is seen to be happening once again in the country.

Go Spain!

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