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Tapas route in Torrevieja.

Tapas route in Torrevieja.

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The other day, from our blog at Euro Prestige, we talked about the variety and types of tapas and how recommended was if you are in Spain at least dedicate one day to tapas route in the local taverns, and although we already know that is very comfortable to be at home, you’ll have no excuse not to go out this weekend.

Well, the people who are this weekend in Torrevieja are in luck because they will be able to enjoy a variety of tapas at fantastic prices; this is the tenth tapas route that is organized between the taverns from Torrevieja. It has 2 varieties of tapas:

First, the house’s tapa and one drink cost 2€ and secondly the gourmet tapa and drink cost 2, 5€.

Not miss out on this great opportunity and enjoy the authentic cuisine of the Spanish coast.

For any information about tapas route of Torrevieja, is all very well specified on the website:

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