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Spanish property near the beach

Spanish property near the beach

Humankind has been able to live under any circumstances since the original caves until the modern cities. Thus, there are communities settled in the middle of the jungle, at the top of the snowy peaks or in the vastness of the hot desert. However, a beachfront apartment for sale is, undoubtedly, the best option for people of all age. It is funny and healthy at the same time.

If you are looking for a property near the Mediterranean coast, you should contact Euro Prestige, real estate professionals willing to help you to find the flawless nest for you and your family. More than 160 kilometers of shorelines are waiting for you. This is a marvelous region of sandy and warm beaches, diverse water or mountain sports and picturesque towns where you can have a new start.

A fun you cannot miss anymore

Besides that, the Andalusian commemorations are varied and stupendous; with at least one party throws monthly. Among them you can see the amusing Carnival as the beginning of the Cuaresma, the dramatized procession during Easter, awesome bonfires on the San Juan night in June 24th and the Spanish film festival held in Malaga and directed by Antonio Banderas, who was born in the beautiful city.

Nevertheless, you must not omit the Malaga Fair, the greatest festival on the zone celebrated in August. It is a party of nine days to push the boat out with traditional Andalusian customs. It includes ruffles dresses, elaborate fans and the famous castanets dancers participating in outstanding flamenco shows. The live music, particular cuisine and amusement park rides make the delight of every fortunate person to attend it.

A fun Spanish property near the beach

The Mediterranean gastronomy is delicious

Have you heard about the “tapas”? It is an international renowned appetizer original from Spain where a piece of bread is served with selected delicateses on it. They could be cold or hot. In some restaurants you receive them for free ordering a drink. The native gastronomy historically received the influence of Spanish, Jewish and Arabic cuisine and the star plate is the seafood, without forgetting the Serrano ham and the variety of wines.

Talking about culture, the place has an extended and very interesting history that you can appreciate in the fine art galleries, ancient edifications and museums. Perhaps, the most important exponent is the Picasso one in Malaga city, where many of the famous painter’s works are showed. Other attractions are the Alcazaba citadel, the Roman theatre and the Arabic baths.

For all the above and many more reasons we recommend you to buy a beachfront apartment in La Costa del Sol. This is a perfect place for any family where you will enjoy life to the fullest, share spaces with people from everywhere around the world and know the ample local culture.

The Mediterranean gastronomy is delicious

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