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Some tips to prevent theft (II).

Some tips to prevent theft (II).

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We continue this week with other 5 tips to prevent the robbery in your home when you are not there:

  1. Have a good alarm system, this will make the thieves think two times before going to steal your properties, have an alarm today is not at all expensive or difficult to obtain so you have not got any excuse to get it.
  2. If the property is located on the ground floor is convenient to put some bars on the windows and doors, because this kind of home is the favorite to steal by the thieves.
  3. Don’t keep empty boxes of expensive things or items of interest to thieves, if you have boxes in your house, get rid of them!.
  4. Planting thorny bushes around the windows is also a good idea for thieves don’t trying robbery at your home.
  5. And finally, the thieves know that many people leave keys hidden outside the home, under the doormat for example. So forget about that idea and it is better to trust and leave it to a neighbor.

From Euro Prestige we hope that some of this tips which have been to help can achieve prevent the theft in your homes, greetings!.

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