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Some tips to prevent theft (I).

Some tips to prevent theft (I).

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Many of our customers enjoy their properties in Spain only in certain seasons of the year so we will publish a list of some basic tips to prevent theft during these times in which leave their empty houses:


  1. Never open the door of your house or your downstairs door to strangers because every time the false reviewers of gas are more common, in addition trying to scam you, they will search information from your home to know its weak points.
  2. You always have to try to feign that the house is occupied, namely no accumulated mail, not all blinds down or someone you trust who can visit your house time to time to turn on the lights for a little time.
  3. If the property is located in a new urbanization may be a good idea to meet with watchers and janitors because sometimes taking advantage of the transfer of the new faces, the scammers can get information on housing and tenants.
  4. Do not post information about your travel plans on social media or disclosed to persons other than their trust.
  5. Is advisable to have an inventory of value objects photographed so that in case of theft, facilitate police work.
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