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Record of property sales to foreigners.

Record of property sales to foreigners.

The property sales statistics show that the purchase of properties by foreign residents in Spain reached a historic record with 14.952 properties sold.

This figure represents an increase of the 20% over the same quarter of last year; Alicante is the province where most foreign residents bought homes in Spain, given that 3,993 homes were purchased between the months of April and June by foreign residents. After Alicante, we find Málaga (2,222 homes), Barcelona (1,317 homes), Tenerife (987 units) and Madrid (933 properties).

On the other hand, non-residents in Spain bought 1,202 properties, which means an increase of 13.7% compared to last year.

We are still receiving good news about the future of the property market in Spain and particularly in the Costa Blanca.

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