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Recommended activity of weekend: Bonfires of San Juan.

Recommended activity of weekend: Bonfires of San Juan.

Another week,  we back to the recommended activity  of this weekend, this time it is a major holiday in Spain, and most important of Alicante.

This internationally renowned festival called Bonfires of San Juan, is a celebration that occurs mainly in the city of Alicante but also you can find at all the towns of the province, for Euro Prestige customers who have begun to live in their new properties in Spain and want to enjoy a typical Spanish holiday in the same time that give welcome the summer, we also is specially recommend to visit at least the 23 of June any beach in Alicante to enjoy the spectacle of bonfires and fireworks which find on the beach.

Then we let a link to the program for the holidays, are not lost anything from them:

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