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Viewing Trips Offered to Qualified Clients

Viewing Trips Offered to Qualified Clients

If you’re looking to buy a property in Marbella or on the Costa Blanca then we are here to help! In order to build a professional relationship and provide you the customer with the best property matching your exact personal requirements, we ask our clients to fill in the form below. The completion of the form can help us evaluate our client´s status and needs to help find suitable properties that match each individual situation. Once we have received the relevant information on property style, location, size, budget etc and the customer is able to financially commit to a possible purchase in Spain.

We know how important it is to match all the criteria you are looking for in that perfect property for sale in Marbella or Costa Blanca and we will give you the opportunity to find your dream property during a 3-Day Viewing Trip to the Costa Blanca or to the Costa del Sol, offered by Euro Prestige.

Find out more by completing the form below. Let us help you find your home while you leave the hard work to us The Professionals.

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Inspection Trips

If you’re serious about looking for Puerto Banus properties for sale or a villa in Costa Blanca, we offer viewing trips to Spain for people serious about purchasing a home in Spain and who are based in the UK and other European and Scandinavian locations. To learn more about our relaxed 3-4 days viewing trips, simply fill out the below form (all information supplied is kept confidential).

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost me?
You would only need to cover the cost of your flights to Spain while your accommodation, transport and meals, would be subsidised by us, the company.
How long does a viewing trip take?
The duration of an organised viewing tour by Europrestige normally takes three to four days. During this time, our representative will show as many relevant properties as possible, within your budget and all places of interest of our area.
How many viewers can be included?
Europrestige has established a norm of a maximum of 2 persons per trip, if there are larger families or friends that wish to join the trip, they most cover their own cost.
Am I under any obligation to buy?
You are under no obligation whatsoever; the purpose of Europrestige is to find the ideal property for you, matching all of your property needs and requirements. However if you are not in a financial situation to buy now, we respectfully recommend you to postpone your viewing until the necessary funds are in place to be able to purchase in Spain.

Step-by-step guide

Once you have sent us your contact details and request information for one of our trips, a company representative will get in contact with you to inform you about the viewing trip and the type of properties, cost, budget, location, etc that you may require.

Inspection trip SpainOnce your trip is booked, a company sales executive will phone you to talk about your property needs, according to your requirements, to organize the properties that you would finally see during your visit to Spain.

On your arrival at the airport, the company executive that has been in contact with you, will normally collect you and will drive you to a local hotel for a short rest before starting your trip.

The following days you will be escorted by our company executive who will carefully show you the chosen properties, the surrounding areas and all places of interest.

If you decide to go ahead with one of the properties shown, we will prepare all relevant paperwork to reserve the property, organize an appointment at one of the local solicitors and will take you to do the opening of your Spanish Bank account.

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Did you know that you could qualify for an Inspection Trip in Spain?

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