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Property in Spain

Property in Spain

Today, we have seen that the magazine The Economist has published details showing that the price of the property in Spain has drop during the last years after the crisis, behind European countries such as Ireland and Greece. From the beginning of the crisis prices have dropped, namely 31.3 %, and the magazine considers they will still continue getting cheaper, even though the Spanish economy is growing again.

Why is this happening? the magazine The Economist points to a demographic fact to explain it, during the last years Spanish population fall by 200,000 inhabitants due to the emigration of many unemployed searching for new opportunities in other countries, while in the years before the crisis population was growing in 800.00 people per year.

This analysis has collected data from 26 countries worldwide, and the data shows that Spain is the third nation that has experienced a greater fall in property prices since the crisis began, only behind Ireland (-37, 2%) and Greece (-38.5%).

This year offers good opportunities to buy a new home, that home you’ve always wished.


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