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Marbella apartments for sale: a great business alternative

Marbella apartments for sale: a great business alternative

Costa del Sol in Andalucía, Spain is, undoubtedly, an outstanding venue to visit as a tourist. You find in its almost 184 km everything you can imagine as activities to do and settings to see. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a house, villa or apartment as a buyer, the advice is that you check the options and get a property for sale in Marbella.

This is an excellent idea even if you are thinking to make an investment. This place was once a tiny precious fishermen village and nowadays is one of the most gorgeous and cosmopolitan beach locations worldwide. Its finances come from the myriad of tourists visiting it yearly, therefore you can be sure that your flat will be continuously rented and you still will have the chance to stay at any moment it is empty.

Marbella apartments

Why is Marbella a fantastic spot?

First, we have to mention the beaches. The fine and golden sands and the Mediterranean Sea clean waters constitute the leading attraction. Diverse activities for people of all ages are available to do, both on the coast and on the water. The difficulty is choosing one among aquatic sports, sunbathing, walks, shopping, swimming, sailing and eating. There is plenty of action since the sun rises until dawn.

The climate is a main reason too. The geographical location between the mountains (the Sierra Blanca range) and the ocean gives to the region an enjoyable microclimate. It offers about 320 sunbeams days every year with an average temperature of 19 oC, being December and January the wet months with some rains.

What to do in Marbella?

Walk in the downtown which is fairly compact. Buy in any of the big malls, the Corte Inglés a well-known department store or the international level shops like Elite or Emporio Armani but if what you want is to bargain, there are different markets where you can take a look at a wide assortment of articles.

Try parasailing at seaports, golf at the best courses of andalucia, horseracing at the hippodrome or hiking up to the summit of La Concha (1215 m). Delight yourself with events like Semana Santa processions during Easter and different Pilgrimages. Learn Spanish at Don Quijote School, taking 4-6 hours of daily classes. Eat at any place in the old town where you see only stores and restaurants.

Finally, live nocturnal actions in Puerto Banús. It is the famed yatch marina where you can find popular bars and restaurants, besides celebrities from sport, cinema and politic world. With all this variety, is it possible to have a free apartment an instant? No, unless you decide so. Otherwise it will be rented 100% of the time making you a great investor of Marbella.

What to do in Marbella

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