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Why the Costa Del Sol is a Health and Wellness Haven?

Why the Costa Del Sol is a Health and Wellness Haven?

Are you looking to buy a property in Marbella ? Then the Costa del Sol might be the right place for you. The Costa del Sol has a long-standing affection for health and wellness. The industry here goes back as far as the early 1900s, Doctor Gálvez Ginachero established the first ever private clinic in Malaga. Since that time, the region has seen many more wellness centres of all kinds springing up; there are more spas, fitness centres and specialised healthcare options than you can shake a stick .

This is great news for buyers who are looking for villas for sale on the costa del sol, locals who are already enjoying the lifestyle, visitors looking for sun and relaxation and expats who are literally spoilt for choice. Whether they are looking for relaxation, exercise or beauty treatments, they won’t have to look far for a quality establishment. People with illnesses to contend with can come here to benefit from both top class treatment clinics and a warm and inviting climate within which they can recover peacefully after looking to buy a property in Marbella.

Health tourism is the new tourism

This kind of tourism has developed its own name, these days: ‘health tourism’ doesn’t just cover medical conditions, but refers to those visiting for any reason remotely related to wellbeing and vitality. Health tourists take the opportunity to turn their wellbeing quest into a little holiday whilst looking to buy a property in Marbella; after all, the combination of climate, comfortable, classy treatment venues and the numerous post-treatment relaxation options is a winner; it brings people from all over Europe (and beyond) to the area and naturally, some of them don’t want to leave and will go to search villas for sale on the costa del sol.

Those that come for revitalizing treatments and feel fresh and ready to go afterwards can indulge in some of the more vigorous activities to get the blood flowing, from watersports to golfing, trekking and biking.

There is a reason that Spanish people have a reputation for living longer than other nationalities in Europe – they take good care of themselves! Their life expectancy is apparently second-longest on the planet, and it could also be posited that the warm and sunny climate tends to inspire people to make more effort. It is a natural inclination to want to be outdoors, experiencing the beautiful Andalucian temperatures, sea breeze and relaxed vibe, so you’re likely to find yourself doing a lot more walking around at the very least whilst you are looking to buy a property in Marbella.

Costa Del Sol can help to maximize your lifespan

If you are the more energetic type, you’ll already be well aware that lots of exercise and a healthy diet is the way to go if you want to maximize your lifespan, but here on the Costa Del Sol it is made simple. There are so many healthy, locally grown foods to choose from, and the fruit is some of the tastiest we know of. Who needs chocolate?!

Outdoor activities are in abundance all over the region, and exercising outdoors is much more appealing here for most of the year. Even the winter months are good for running, biking and trekking – some even prefer to do so at that time of year. During the sunnier months (fortunately this means most of the time!) you can reap the health benefits that the sunshine brings to you. Your vitamin D3 intake will occur naturally via the sun rays, which means a whole range of health benefits for you; and let’s face it – who doesn’t look and feel great with a healthy tan?

Little wonder then that so many of the health tourists landing in the region decide to make it a more permanent move and are interest in buying villas for sale on the Costa del Sol. The way we see it, life should be a holiday, but a more restrained one ! Health-wise, it doesn’t pay to be out ‘letting your hair down’ every night with a jug of sangria, tempting as that may be to some. Still, as that’s one of the main challenges you’ll face when becoming a Costa Del Sol expat, we think you can handle it.

Summer is just around the corner

If you haven’t experienced this side of the Costa Del Sol yet and are looking to buy a property in Marbella, now is a fantastic time to start. With the summer just around the corner temperatures are perfect for kick-starting your outdoor exercise regimes, and there are offers and attractive packages on at many of the local spas and clinics.  Once you’ve expended your energy, you will find options aplenty for relaxation and sensory indulgence. Think mouthwatering dishes at classy beachfront restaurants after a day of viewing, flamenco and horse shows, many other kinds of live music and even just strolls along the port or winding avenues whilst you are on the look for villas for sale on the costa del sol…

Who wouldn’t want a lifestyle like that? If you want your life to be a long and healthy holiday, then the next step is simple: talk to Europrestige about the huge range of properties on our books and we will be happy to guide you step by step into your wonderful new lifestyle. We pride ourselves on listening to our customers and we even help with the necessary parts of setting up abroad. For example, we’ll help you open a bank account, find legal representatives, get your Spanish resident permits and anything else you may need assistance with. Welcome to the Costa Del Sol!

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