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Costa del Sol property for sale: living in Benalmádena

Costa del Sol property for sale: living in Benalmádena

For people liking long kilometers of marine scenarios with all their attractions included, historical and interesting walks and astonishing golf courses, everything immersed in modern and popular cities, a property for sale in Costa del Sol is the greatest possibility. And choosing a specific location considers Benalmádena.

This is a gorgeous town close to Fuengirola, at 12 km to the west of the capital, Málaga. As the rest of the region is a very famous touristic destination in the southern of Spain. Besides the delicious beaches, exciting places like the Colomares Castle, one of the largest seaports in Andalusia and also a nudist spot are available in the vicinity.

Where to live in Benalmádena

You can get your property at any of the three principal urban zones:

  • Pueblo: it corresponds to the oldest settlement which is situated on the hillside of Pico Mijas. It is basically a characteristic white-fronted Andalusian community but sprinkled with several new edifications in contemporary architectural styles. An archaeological museum contains objects created at the Bronze Age.
  • Costa: a modern group of buildings near the edge of the Mediterranean. Up-to-date discotheques, five-star hotels, splendorous beaches and luxurious shopping centers share space with a fully-equipped harbor. Here the tourists can delight in Sea Life aquarium and Selwo Marina, a thematic park with attractive species like dolphins and penguins. And if you want to enjoy a good time go to Parque Paloma, a contact zoo.
  • Arroyo de la Miel: a portion amid the former areas. Its name is coming from the abundant honeycombs present in beautiful hills cover with streams and creeks since the first years of Christian repopulation. Its urban development started with the railroad construction. It combines the most important residential site with the highest commercial activity

Enjoy the Tivoli World amusement park and a cable car to the top of Calamorro, an almost 800-meter mountain providing fantastic views of the Sierra Nevada, Rock of Gibraltar and even the Moroccan seashore if the day is clear.

Live in Benalmádena

Other advantages of a property for sale in Costa del Sol

The weather is typical of the region which can only be described as mild. Temperatures range between comfortable extremes, making it pleasant in winters and tolerable in summers. In fact, the perfect combination of the climate and geographical location constitute the vital factors to make the tourism industry the core economic sector of the metropolis.

Benalmádena is vastly built-up excluding the elevated sections of the mountains where nature lovers can hike to observe diverse species of flora and fauna. The biggest Buddhist stupa in the Western side of the world, constructed in 2003 is in this place as well as the unique real ice-skating rink in Costa del Sol. To conclude, merely advantages can be found there.

living in Benalmádena

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