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Live together

Live together

The 14th of February was the lovers’ day, St. Valentine. If you have thought to live together as a couple, here you have some tips about acquiring the ideal property for both:

1. The most important thing to take into account is the budget as well as for the expenses related. When buying or renting a property the couple must consider the financial duties in order to avoid any future arguments.

2. To get to an agreement about the characteristics of your home is a hard task but at the end, you have to get to a joint understanding. The characteristics are important when deciding about the type of property since this would depend on the number of bedrooms, whether a swimming pool is required or not, choosing about a townhouse or apartment, etc.

3. Location is another fundamental issue. A strategic place would be the one close to the usual places you go to avoid transport, though this is not taken into account due to other reasons, that’s why a good public transport offer for both is important.

4. To think whether the property is for short, medium or large term. It will highly depend on whether this is a temporal or definite property. To take joint decisions and beneficial for both, since not everybody likes the same, and the secret is to give up to reach common conclusions.


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