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Keep Your Cool This Summer

Keep Your Cool This Summer

Yikes! August is here, and if you thought July was hot, just wait until the month really kicks in! Of course we don’t want to scare you, but we certainly want to help you keep cool.

Spanish Summers

Everybody loves to visit the Costa del Sol and one the main reasons is because of the beautiful sunny weather.  On average, the sun sticks around for 320 days a year here, making it the ideal holiday and homebuyer’s destination.  However sometimes, especially in the hotter season between June and August, it is very important to remember to be safe in the sun and protect yourselves from the ravages of harmful UV rays.

Temperatures have already been well into the 30’s this July so extra care must be taken. There are many ways you can keep your cool this summer, and we’ve listed them below.

Avoid Certain Times

We know this is a tricky one to do but we’re not suggesting locking yourselves indoors between the hours of 11am until 4pm.  However if you can stay out of the sun at the hottest times of the day it would certainly be of benefit.  Believe it or not, it gets even hotter around 16:00, and seems to really peak. This would explain the Andalusian favourite past-time, the siesta, which takes place from 14:00 to 17:00.

Maybe spend some time around the air conditioned shops or go for a spot of lunch.  Even finding some shade, possibly by doing a bit of sightseeing and taking in more of the areas cultural options.  However, do be especially vigilant when around water as it is so much easier to burn and dehydrate with the reflections of the sun off the pool or sea.

The All Essential Sunscreen

As the song goes “Trust me on the sunscreen.”  The importance of protecting the skin from damaging UV cannot be stressed enough. Even for the hardier of sun lovers, it is still vital to make sure that you are wearing your sun cream every time you go into the sun and re-apply after swimming. This is even more vital for younger skin and the higher the factor for them as possible, the better.  Remember never take babies onto the beach unprotected or at the hottest times of the day.  If you do then a small paddling pool of water with a big umbrella to cover them would be a better alternative.

Taking a good supply of drinking water and using an umbrella on the beach would also be advisable for the grownups too. And, no matter how hard someone tries to convince you that Sangria is a good alternative to water, don’t believe them!

Cover up

Not only is it essential to cover your skin with a protective cream in the strong sun, but when you can, cover your skin completely.  This is so important, especially in the first stages of sun exposure, when the skin is not able to stand the intense heat. Get yourself a big hat or just one that covers the face and neck. Also, pay close attention to your knees, nose, ears and shoulders – these seem to catch the sun more quickly.

Mind That Car

Cars can be deadly in the searing heat of the day, so it would be good idea, if you do not have air-conditioning, to open all windows and doors for at least 5 minutes before driving. A window reflector is a great idea, giving the car less chance to overheat.

Water, Water, Everywhere

Okay, so it’s not a good idea to be in the water for long periods, when the sun is at its strongest. However, nothing wrong with a quick cool off, it is sometimes the only way to survive the Spanish sun.  You could also use the garden hose outside or take cold showers and drink as much water as you can, to avoid dehydration.  Even soaking a thin scarf to put around your neck, will cool you in an instant. Same goes for ice pops or ice packs (try the ones you use for cool bags wrapped in socks or a thin towel), place them at the back of your neck, underarms and inner thighs for an instant relief from the heat.

A Fan of the Fan

Whether it is a fully standing electric or battery operated handheld one, the fan is a great way to cool off in an instant. If you do not have air-conditioning at home, the trick is to put the fan outside of the window or door allowing it to act as a home-made air-conditioning system.  You could also try the good old fashioned Spanish fan, which is great for giving you a satisfying cool breeze whenever you want and never runs out or costs a fortune to use.  And in the hands of a female, it will look very chic and classy too.

A few ideas for you to use this very hot summer and to stay cool and protected.  Please enjoy the wonderful Costa del Sol summer in safety.

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