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How to know whether a property is the right one for you?

How to know whether a property is the right one for you?

Maybe you are now thinking about whether to buy a property or not. There are many things making us to consider the change of home, mainly people change it when the family increases the number of its members. How to know whether it would be the right home for you? Euro Prestige leaves you here some tips to take the decision:

In principle, the economic factors are the key issue in the great majority of cases to decide between one or another, but there are many more reasons to find out which is the most adequate bearing in mind your needs.

– Check properly seize and rooms of the property, with plans or even visiting it to have a better and more accurate idea of the same.

– Before buying, check whether modifications or enlargements are allowed.

– Make sure that the property is in a good condition and built with good quality materials.

– Check that no legal problems are involved and that it is up to date with the maintenance, taxes and supplies expenses.

– Check that the area is appropriate for you, search information about the zone and even ask to neighbours how far it is from your places of interest (Job, school, hospital, shops, markets, etc) and the public transport available.

– Clarify the price of the property, general terms and procedure of payment.

– Be sure about the maximum price you are ready to expend and get information about any further costs involved after completion.

The most important thing is to have clear absolutely everything before you buy a property, suitable for your future needs since a home is not to be changed every day and this may be your definite one.

We hope these tips were useful for your future home.


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