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Foreign demand to buy properties in Spain will carry on in 2013

Foreign demand to buy properties in Spain will carry on in 2013

According to the last statistics, foreign demand to buy a property in Spain will keep rising in 2013. In fact, the demand did not stop rising during the last year, recording increases of the 16.2% during the first quarter, of 15.3% during the second and 18% on the third, noticing a wider geographical diversity in their investors.

The second quarter of 2012, according to the Spanish Bank, registered 9.502 property  purchases, an amount that involves an increase of the 12% with regards to the same period of 2011, this was recorded as the highest increase within the last 4 years.

They are not however, millionaire purchases, as 56% of registered foreign purchases bought a  property in Spain for less than 160.000 €.

 The demand of properties by foreigners is expected to be even higher in 2013, with interest    coming from British, Russians, Scandinavians and Chinese, as well new emerging markets  such as Egypt, Iran and Vietnam.

 Furthermore, and according to the statistics, Real Estate in Spain purchased as an investment increased during 2012, and it looks set to continue in this 2013.

Now is the time for investors, with many unsold properties now being reduced price to an all time low and yet the demand for Spain with its guaranteed weather, abundance of good value flights and superb infrastructure remains Europe´s Nº1 holiday destination.


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