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Ekaterinburg Expo & Video

Ekaterinburg Expo & Video

As we informed you already in our last news, the presence of EUROPRESTIGE VILLAS has been represented in the last Real Estate property exhibition celebrated between the 16th and 18th of April in the IEC EKATERINBURG-EXPO (Russia) through its Spanish delegation, headed by its Manager Director Mr. Jose Mª Sendra and the two representatives of the Russian market in the offices of the Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol, Miss Bella Gavrilova and Ms. Natalia Cheremina.

The IEC Ekaterinburg-Expo has been very beneficial due to the professional contacts obtained despite of not been followed by a great affluence of public. Nevertheless, we consider the expositors of this show were very impressed, not only for the product offered in the areas where Europrestige Group operates but also for the multiple investment possibilities the Spanish south-east coast represents.

We would like to highlight that our commercial representative in the Marbella office, Ms. Natalia Cheremina, participated in the renowned TV Ekaterinburg programme “MALINA” where she offered her point of view with regards to the purchase of properties and the Russian investments in Spain together with the reason why each time more and more the Russian customer comes to buy in our country. As the video foot says “Russians now are different but as they were before, they are still very demanding and they like the best”.

We invite you to enjoy the television show “MALINA” where our representative at the Costa del Sol participated through the following link:


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