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Costa del Sol – still going strong!

Costa del Sol – still going strong!

Just because the height of the summer season may be dwindling away and things are starting to quieten down a little, that doesn’t mean that the Costa del Sol comes to a standstill, oh no.  The Spanish people like to keep their entertainment going for as long as they possibly can so you can expect more than a few things to get involved in, in the coming months.  People will still be coming to visit the Costa del Sol looking for somewhere to stay in and around the area.  On the sales side of things Euro Prestige have some of the finest properties on the Costa del Sol.

“So what’s happening in Oct?” I hear you ask.  Well here’s a few things to keep you going for a while…


V “Circuito Doña Julia Golf ” Tournament

This event for the golf enthusiast happens quite early on in the month on 3rd Oct and is a new event that’s organized by Doña Julia Golf in Caseres.  It will be based around 18 holes, under the Couples Best Ball and Canada Cup systems, nine of the events will be based on Stableford or Medal Play systems, leaving the final event based on the Couples Canada Cup Stableford system.  As long as your licence is within the regulations of the Royal Spanish Golf Federation, you are free to partake.

The course was designed by renowned Malaga born architect Antonio Garcia Garrido, who is famed for his unique style in golf course design and which are all quite beautifully integrated with their natural surroundings.

Go Play Golf!




‘Color y Luz (Colour and Light:) The Last Journey of a Great Tibetan Master

This wonderful colour and light festival is held in the Estupa de la Iluminación, the buddhist stupa in Benalmadena and pays tribute to Shamar Rinpoche, one of the leaders of the Karma Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism.  

The exhibition will show 70 photographs of Rinpoche, who inaugurated and consecrated the stupa in October 2003 and includes music, audio visual and text documents by American artist Tokpa Korlo.  This event is open to everyone all through the year until 31st Dec.


12th Municipal Flamenco Exhibition

Flamenco is what Spain is famous for, be it the musical style or the dance and all over the Malaga province they love to strut their stuff.  This exhibition will show all aspects of heritage associated with the passion for flamenco around the region.  It includes eight performances by Malaga born artists, singers, dancers and percussionists.

Flamenco professional Antonio de Canillas, dancer Gema Garcés will bring to life the music and dance of the pure style of flamenco festero.  Also included in this event will be La Repompa, Cante por derecho (traditional way of singing) by Rafael Sanchez, Vanesa Fernandez, Paqui Corpas, Bonela Hijo and Enrique Castillo and dancer El Carrete, who is famed in the area for his own unique flamenco dance style.




Fuengirola Fair

The fair kicks off from 6th until the 12th Oct  and will take place at the city fairgrounds.  The event is in honour of its patron saint ‘Nuestra Señora la Virgen del Rosario” (Our Lady the Virgin of the Rosary) and is a pretty regarded fair, due to its elaborate display and attention taken by the organisation.  It’s said to be one of the most prestigious in Andalusia.

There is a considerable programme involved here, which hosts activities featuring Our Lady of the Rosary, many rides for the kids at the playgrounds, many lovely horses which feature heavily in this event, lots of lights and smells of food coming from a variety of eateries.  The local ladies (and sometimes tourists) will put on their best flamenco dress and take to the streets.  Great fair fun to be had by all.


IV Edition of “Mi Mascota”(My pet)

Calling all animal lovers to Malaga this coming 17th and 18th Oct.  The Mi Mascota fair is back for a fourth time in Malaga Fair and Conference Centre, ready to welcome animal enthusiasts from both the personal and business sides of the spectrum.  If you have a business connected to the animal world then you cannot afford to miss this event and the chance to show your products and services to others.  It’s also a great day out for the regular patron who can go along and see all of the new developments in the animal business, see demonstrations, exhibitions and workshops.

You see, life doesn’t have to stop after the summer there will be plenty to entertain you between now and xmas.  Whatever you choose to do it will be great!


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