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Costa del Connoisseurs: A well deserved beer once you’ve found your dream villa to buy in Spain!

Costa del Connoisseurs: A well deserved beer once you’ve found your dream villa to buy in Spain!

Looking at Marbella real estate for sale can be stressful times, so an ice cold beer is well deserved when you’ve finally found that perfect Puerto Banus real estate you have your heart set on. Times for beer have changed. In the 21st century the beer drinker is no longer the idle Homer Simpson type frequently seen propping up a bar in an attempt to escape the wife and kids, but a sophisticated gourmet who chooses his or her beers carefully and savours them slowly to appreciate their complex flavours. The last twenty years have seen the spread of microbreweries and craft beers that have changed the way people look at the yeasty beverage, once seen as the lowest common denominator of drinks against the refined nature of wine and spirits.

Spain is no different. If you’re planning that move to the Costa del Sol there is no reason to leave your appetite for fine beers behind. Far from any rural backwaters, towns such as Marbella and Torremolinos are fast becoming cosmopolitan centres in which a range of international bars and restaurants can be found.


Marbella Real Estate For Sale


For those interested in the local beers, known as cervezas, the three beers most commonly found in bars, restaurants and shops across Andalucia are Cruzcampo, Alhambra and San Miguel. While Spanish beers are characteristically pale, Alhambra does also produce a dark beer (Negra).

Looking for a modern microbrewery in the area to treat yourself to a rich and full-flavoured beer or two? It won’t take long – the last decade has seen an upsurge in the numbers of microbreweries and bars serving craft beers in the Costa del Sol. The only challenge is in deciding which one to visit first!

Why not try La Catarina, a stylish Marbella bar and restaurant with a microbrewery producing a range of American-style craft beers for the Andalucian beer enthusiast? La Catarina also features live music and with friendly staff and a resident dog. A trip here can be fun for all the family!


Marbella Real Estate For Sale


If you’re in Torremolinos be sure not to miss the curiously named Noisy Budgie, a recently opened brewery currently offering five craft beers; it also has plans for a beer festival next May. While Noisy Budgie are still finding their feet in the local market, with delicious beers and a fun-loving staff team, this international brewhouse is all set to make your Friday night one to remember… unless of course you overindulge in their stock!

In Malaga you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice with various high-class cevecerias (breweries or bars) at which to sit back and enjoy the local scene, your mood as chilled as the ceveza in your hand. Arte&Sana Craft beer cafe is a centrally located bar with a selection of over 400 local and international beers to choose from; you’ll be spoilt for choice. If you’re the indecisive type, don’t worry – the friendly staff here know their beers well and they’ll be only too happy to help!

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