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Beachfront Homes For Sale Spain

Beachfront Homes For Sale Spain

Like many styles of interior design from around the world, Spanish Colonial interiors can vary from the simplistic to the elaborate. It certainly has a widespread appeal and can be seen in luxury homes all around the world. The Hacienda style is also very popular all over the USA, and when done properly, the warmth and intricate details of the style can make any home inviting and applied to various Beachfront Homes For Sale Spain.

The use of wrought iron is very common, but because it is mixed with tapestries and rugs of all styles with warm colours, the metal effect appears softened, so it is rarely perceived as cold, or harsh. Copper is another metal frequently seen in Spanish colonial designs and especially in the kitchen area, whether it is in the fixtures and fittings or the pots and pans.

Often such interior can be found in a making it captivating and elegant. The style can also be done casually and without incurring so much expense as the elegant version of the style can demand. Those Golden Mile property for sale which opt for the more elegant variations of the style often choose rich, creamy or honey yellow shades for the walls. Floors may consist of Parquet, stone or intricate tiling. Placed on top of this, you may find colorful carpets and hand-carved, dark-wood or walnut furniture.

Accessorize your way to individuality…

As with any other style of interior design, accessories are very important in setting off the décor. To pull the style off effectively, a Spanish Colonial style home will feature a mixture of artwork, pottery, tapestries and stonework and pottery.

Of course, living in Spain doesn’t mean you’ll want to decorate your home in a traditional Spanish style. According to you our Real Estate Agents Costa Del Sol the joy of interior design is that there are innumerable options, inspirations and influences from around the world. Add to this your own unique preferences and sentimental items and you have yourself a Beachfront Homes For Sale Spain you can call home. Although very impressive looks can be created using one strong style, like Spanish Colonial, throughout the house, it can also be wonderful to create some contrast by mixing themes and styles throughout the house, with each room completely different.

We’ve selected a few design ideas we love for different rooms of the house:

Natural and neutral bedrooms


For a peaceful and calming vibe, keeping bedrooms basic and neutral definitely has a certain appeal. This white room with its subtle shade variations and natural but modern furniture has a certain something. Indie Home Collective is a modern interior/lifestyle store in New Zealand with some great ideas. Their collection consists of very modern pieces, including custom designs and vintage furniture they fit great in any Beachfront properties for sale in Spain.

The common theme is the white background and natural materials.  This makes it easy to layer different tones and create a very natural, or neutral look. This particular room has a Scandinavian feel to it; it is very modern. Colourful plants really stand out in a room like this and add that extra touch of nature.

This kind of theme can also be achieved on a lower budget, if required, due to its simplicity. That is of course a great excuse to get even more creative!

Luscious Lounges


We love this earthy and colourful lounge. The setting is very beautiful to work with in the first place, with its huge patio doors. The bold and intricate mirror is a statement feature that grabs the attention instantly. Even with our apartments for sale in marbella you can play with warm colours of the lampshades, cushions and throw which perfectly complement the cool white of the walls. Combined with the dark wood of the door frames, floor and tables, it make the room look earthy and comfortable.

Well-chosen accessories like the vases and carved wooden ornaments put a more individual stamp on this room; it could certainly be done well on any budget.

Beautiful and bold bathrooms


A bathroom is often one of the best places to bring in an elaborate and colourful design, with the aim of sensory indulgence. This bathroom is a gorgeous mixture of styles, with Spanish Colonial’s typical earthy colours, and patterns with a North African influence. The styles mix very well together and the detail of the tiled arch at the foot of the bath sets off the whole room and gives it a Mediterranean vibe.

Adding a large plant and a few candles are simple but effective ways of making any style of bathroom warm and homely.

Captivatingly creative Kitchens


This particular kitchen can be found in the home of actress Diane Keaton.  The outstanding feature is clearly the tiling which comes in slightly different but complementary designs; there are similarities with Azulejo tiling, a Persian influence first seen in Spain around the fifteenth century and now there  are properties for sale on the costa del sol, after the Moors made their mark on the country. The white walls contrast perfectly with the colourful, patterned pottery selections.

Warm lighting gives the room a honeyed hue and the warm red tones and earthen-toned floor tiles, combined with the wicker-detailed stools give this kitchen an unmistakable allure.  Shining copper pots and pans hanging from the ceiling fitting also add to this appeal, as per the traditional colonial style.

Lounge in your loft Space


If you’re lucky enough to have a loft space, you can make this room very special indeed. Although the space may be a little awkward to decorate compared to other rooms, it is a versatile space to work with. You can turn it into another bedroom, a chill-out room or an office.

This example of a stylish loft conversion is cool, calm and also versatile; it could easily be made into a child’s bedroom but appeals as a room to relax in too. The shape of the room allows for storage without taking away from the spacious feel, and there is an element of seventies chic with the hanging macramé pod in the centre of the room.

Europrestige is one of the best real estate in spain  and have a wide range of properties in many different styles, and we love to help our customers visualise the end results and put their unique stamp on their chosen property. Talk to us now about your dream home and design ideas and we’ll be happy to give your our expert advice.

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