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Meanwhile on the Costa del Sol in 2016…

Meanwhile on the Costa del Sol in 2016…

There’s usually a lot happening on the Sunshine Coast, that’s for sure! Things have been looking up for Spain in general over the last year, but 2016 looks set to be even more promising, going by what we’re hearing in the local news!

Here’s a snapshot of 2016 is panning out, which should be great news to those looking to spend a bit of time here, or even better – find your ideal Beachfront Home For Sale in Spain

There are huge investments in tourism underway

The Commonwealth of Municipalities, the Provincial Council, and the National Government have got together and made an agreement that will greatly benefit the Costa del Sol. The three bodies have made a pact to invest over €1million in order to improve the organisational structures and facilities on the Costa del Sol.

The bid to make such improvements to Costa del Sol’s infrastructure has created much anticipation and excitement, with continued and increased touristic interest and popularity anticipated. 2015 was considered to be the best year yet for tourism; 10.6 million tourists visited the Sunshine Coast last year! Many of them loved it so much that they decided to invest in apartments for sale in marbella centre, as the housing news below indicates.

We have it on good authority that in a display of commitment to the Costa del Sol’s future, the President of the Commonwealth of Municipalities of the Costa del Sol recently made an agreement with President of Malaga Provincial Council and the State Secretary of Tourism; this means that they are will be investing a great deal to improve the Costa del Sol’s municipalities.

In total, the Department of the State Secretary of Tourism plans to invest a whopping €500,000, while the Commonwealth will invest €300,000, and the Malaga Provincial Council plans to inject €250,000 into the infrastructure of the area.

Although we don’t currently know what the improvements will consist of exactly, it has been indicated that residential areas will receive a lot of the funding, with paths and rural routes being created in order that the municipalities of the Costa del Sol will be improved. Work is soon to commence and is expected to bring many benefits to the Costa del Sol.

Property sales in Spain continue to rise in 2016

It’s great news for Spain again on the property front too! House sales are on the rise, according to the General Council of Notaries, which registered that 5.8% more properties were sold this March than there were in March 2016.

The total figures reached 38,674 sales with 4% of the sales constituting purchase of apartments, as well as a 13% increase in the sale of single family homes. Other real estate sales equated to a rise of 1.2%. Mortgage loans are also on the increase with the number of loans granted rising by 17.1% each year.

This is clearly great news for those seeking to buy a property on the Costa del Sol this year. Even better news is that Europrestige are highly experienced experts in this field and with hundreds of properties on our books for example we have a excellent villas for sale on the costa del sol, we are certain that we can pair you up with the Costa del Sol dream home for you. What are you waiting for?

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