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Beach property for sale in Manilva

Beach property for sale in Manilva

Summer is coming and you are thinking about the idea of having a permanent property for holidays. The reasons can be multiple, to save money of hotel expenses to invest it in an own place, to be more comfortable with your personal furniture and linen or to have the opportunity to take your friends with you. Anyway, a beachfront apartment for sale is the solution.

The advantages of possessing a beachfront apartment are countless, for instance, the scenery, especially if you buy on a high floor. Then you will be able to enjoy the marine view from your balcony during the day and the city lights at night. The refreshing air and the possibility of exercising on the shoreline and swimming later on the ocean are additional benefits you can receive.

However, there are endless seashores around the world. What distinguishes Costa del Sol from the rest? The moderate weather pleasant all year long, the stretched extension (about 185 km), the enormous quantity of cities and towns where to choose, the delicious Mediterranean cuisine, the perfect combination between the old and the new architecture and the fraternity of its people make of this zone an excellent alternative for anybody.

Manilva beachfront apartment for sale

Get a beach property in Manilva

This is an Andalusian municipality of the province of Málaga. It is situated specifically on the southwestern side limiting with Cadiz.  It has been attractive to people from other regions since ancient times who decided to live in this neighborhood due to the fertility of the land, abundant fishing and privileged geographical position.

Manilva has a strategic location, near to the Mediterranean Sea entrance, which has conducted to an extended history of occupancy as far as the Stone Age. This diversity has contributed to produce a tow rich in culture, breadth of criteria, architectural wealth and so on. A good example is the archaeological site called Duchess’ Castle surroundings (Entorno del Castillo de la Duquesa) consisting of a villa, hot springs, necropolis and a big fish salting factory.

A seaside property on the zone will offer you a landscape predominantly with small hills separated by creeks and valleys with a large limestone depression behind the sector known as el Canuto de la Utrera. There are three main areas and to the east is located Estepona, another city which was traditionally a fishing port but now is a powerful touristic metropolis.

Casares, a white town embedded on the mountain that offers spectacular sights, is on the north. The total area is dominated by el Pico de los Reales (about 1450 m) that allow you to relish with an outstanding panoramic of the region. Contact with Euro Prestige real state and find out more of your next beach spot on Costa del Sol.

Get a beach property in Manilva

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