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Work at Home Ideas for Expats in Spain

Work at Home Ideas for Expats in Spain

For expats moving to the Costa del Sol, the idea of working in a Spanish company or doing a general or unskilled job due to a lack of language ability may not be the most appealing thing in the world.

Working from home may feel like a far better option for lots of expats. If you’ve lived abroad before, it may be the case that you already know what you can do to earn money without having the restrictions of being a foreigner within a new culture to contend with.

There are benefits…

There are lots of benefits to working from home. It may also be a little challenging in some regards, but usually this isn’t something to worry about. Forbes conducted a survey on the benefits from working from home maybe you can see the apartments for sale in marbella centre and decide where you want to work, and they concluded that there were five main ones:

First up, work/home balance was considered to be a major benefit. Saving petrol came up next, followed by avoiding traffic. Lastly, home workers felt that they were more productive and had less distractions. So, it seems that saving money and time seem to be two of the most obvious benefits.

Working from home (or whatever location you see fit) is increasingly appealing all over the world in modern times. There is a sense of freedom, but on the flip side it can require more discipline, especially if there is nobody checking on you to make sure you’re going to meet your deadlines and be consistently productive!

There are also challenges…

The challenges that come with working at home should also be carefully considered. A lack of discipline and tendency to procrastinate are more likely when you don’t have a boss watching over you. Managing time therefore can be a little challenging in order to make sure that you are as productive as you’d like to be.

For some people it can go the opposite way; they literally don’t know when to stop working and can feel stressed out! Not knowing when it is time to relax and take a holiday can be very detrimental to the lifestyle you were trying to create when you made the decision to work at home.

Another complaint frequently noted is that people feel lonely or isolated, missing the daily connections and bonding with colleagues.

However, if you can be aware of and manage these things, you shouldn’t have too many problems. It is often the case that you just need to make the transition and become accustomed to the new situation. When moving abroad it can actually be a benefit that when you move into your new home for example if you search beachfront homes for sale Spain , you get to stay there, relax and familiarize without having to contend with getting used to a new office and set of colleagues too.

There are many options for working at home

If you like the idea of working from home, take a look at some of these popular work-from-home opportunities to see if any of them fit your abilities:

Freelance writer or translator

Writers are always in demand, simply because it’s not a skill that everyone has. If you’re a natural at writing, there will be many people out there who don’t have (and therefore require) your skills. Because so much business has an online presence these days, it is important that the web content is high quality, and updated regularly.

Blogging continues to grow in popularity every single day, so the job market always has space for more good bloggers across every industry you can think of. You may even consider becoming an author or creating your own website in your field of expertise.

If you happen to be multilingual, you can certainly put this to good use and make an income from it. Translators, just like writers, are in high demand. There will always be legal issues to be resolved, and articles that need to be translated for newspapers and magazines.

Online teacher or nurse

Teaching online is another area which is increasing exponentially in popularity. If you have teaching skills in the classroom, these will easily translate for use on the net, over skype and email. Sometimes experience is not even required, and students just want the language practice with a native speaker.

Nurses who are registered may be able to work online or on the phone, giving advice for patients of health centres, etc.

Virtual assistant (VA)

The role of VA became popular relatively recently with the dramatic increase in online business. A VA is not really different to a PA (Personal Assistant) except that they work remotely and are not required to be present in an office.

It could be the case that regular video calls/Skype meetings are required, but this can surely be done from the comfort of your own home. A VA can be anything from a receptionist who just takes calls and answers emails, to an administrative assistant, to the manager of an entire business. There are many options, so it’s worth checking out which jobs match your skillset.

Video marketing

Video marketing is increasingly popular too. Videos are almost taking over the net at this point in time, with people preferring to watch videos than spend the time reading, especially when it comes to adverts. People also prefer the personal touch, and if they like somebody, they are more likely to trust (and therefore buy from) them.  

If you’re confident enough to make videos, you are able to market and promote either your own products and services or those of somebody who has hired you to do it for them.

Web, phone app or graphic design

If you have any knowledge of creating websites, your services may be in demand. These days it is not even necessary to have a wealth of knowledge on software and technicalities because there are so many design sites out there that take you through it step by step. However, if you have web design skills, you can work practically anywhere. Graphic design, programming, and SEO (search engine optimization) skills are always a bonus too.

There are always people looking for help when it comes to design of all kinds; they simply don’t have the time to put into learning it themselves. If you’re able to design apps for smartphones, this is an area where you will make cash very easily.

We hope that you’ve found some inspiration in this information. Your move to the Costa del Sol need not be stressful, and it may help further to know that Europrestige are ready and waiting to assist you in finding your dream home, as well as guide you through any other concerns you may have as an expat in Spain.

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