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9 facts that you must remember before buying a property.

9 facts that you must remember before buying a property.

Buying a property is going to be a very important step in your life, even more if it is a first purchase. So, you have to be very careful before buying a house because there are some mistakes that you can’t make and some facts that you must absolutely remember. Here, we are going to help you in order for you to commit not one mistake and to inform you of the things that you should do before buying a house.

  1. Don’t forget to establish a budget for your purchase.

9-facts-that-you-must-remember-before-buying-a-property-europrestige-inmobiliaria2Before to begin to look for a property, it is important to establish a budget and to check your finance ability. The main mistake is to be taken with a property and so to buy it right now. Take your time to think in whether you can afford for that house before to buy it and to avoid some debts. Don’t forget to include the lawyer fees, the real estate fees, the mortgage fees, the works fees, the move fees, and the financial interest of your loan. It is necessary to talk with your lawyer, your banker, or another professional before buying a property because he would be able to help you in your procedure.


  1. Don’t forget to explain exactly your expectations at your real estate agent.



It is very important to still have a good relationship with your real estate agent, to have confidence in him and to feel comfortable with him. You must be able to explain him exactly what are your expectations in order to help him to find the property which would be the perfect one for you. He is at your disposition to help you to reach your objectives.



  1. Don’t forget to visit several times the house.



Nothing could avoid you to visit several times the same house. An owner who doesn’t want to let you visit the house a second time or more times could hide something strange. Moreover, try to visit the property at different moments of the day to check the luminosity inside the house and to see if there is any annoyance.




  1. Don’t forget to check inside the house



A defect can quickly become a problem. It is necessary to visit the property and to check its state even more if the property belongs to a particular. That’s why, we really advise you to visit the property with a professional.


  1. Don’t forget to ask for the exact date of construction


It is always useful to know the construction date but also to ask for:

  • Have you done any works in your property during the last 10 years? Which ones?
  • Who have done the works?
  • Is there any guarantee?

All that questions will define the legal regime of the sale and the warranties that the buyer will benefit.


  1. Don’t forget to look for a good location.



A good location will enable you to sell your property or rent it more easily. For instance, the proximity with schools, supermarkets, pharmacies etc. would influence a person in buying a property or rent it.





  1. Don’t forget to check the finance state of the joint ownership property.



Before taking any decisions, ask for the rules of the co-ownership property and to read the last reports and don’t forget to read every clauses and voted decisions.





  1. Don’t forget to take your time.



It is a very bad idea to precipitate yourself… You should always take your time and be patient. A property purchase is a long-term choice and if you are disappointed you will not be able to go back easily. Never take a decision the same day of the visit, neither with precipitation because you would likely regret. You have to understand all the aspects of your dossier and to choose with equanimity.



  1. Don’t forget to examine all the loan offers.

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Indeed, it is a step that you cannot forget because nowadays many people with a loan are unsatisfied because they hadn’t examined correctly the different offers and possibilities. For instance, some of them don’t read all the clauses such as the clause about the debt consolidation loan. So, prepare yourself to examine better all the loan offers because the changes would be easier to make before the signature of the contract.



Now, you have all the keys to buy a house without committing not one mistakes what would help you in your search of the perfect property!!

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