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“2.014” The year of the change in Spanish Property Market

“2.014” The year of the change in Spanish Property Market

It is very likely that the 2.014 would be the year of change in the Real Estate market cycle, following the trend of the last quarter of 2013.

We speak of a change in trend, the number of sales of real estate in Spain increases while the housing prices get down.

The truth is that during the last months of 2013 no Spanish properties were sold at average prices, though they were sold with certain constancy. They were properties more suitable to the market reality. This indicates that this is not a new Bull Trap.

We must have in mind the difference between the average listing price of housing and the plot market prices, since that is the key to understand what is most likely to happen in the Spanish property market in 2014.

In summary, and according to the details provided above, we believe that what will happen is that we will see and increasing average of prices in 2014, but the reason is not to raise prices, but the floors are cheapest will be sold before which will cause average prices rise, but not the price of housing, since in reality the average prices at which properties in Spain sold nothing advertised.

It is very difficult for customers to guess the right prices for 2014. Even statistics made by Real Estate portals do not get to an agreement at this respect, so we will find different prices advertisements during this year we just began.

For professional Real Estate agents as Europrestige, things are very different, the reason being the access to reliable data from all buyers and sellers in which we have intervened directly. Furthermore, we have access as well to a large database from our colleagues so we are able to make our own statistics with the current prices by the method of comparison taking into account a broad base of verified data.


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