6 Reasons to Live on the Costa Del Sol

6 Reasons to Live on the Costa Del Sol

Buying a property on the Costa Del Sol is an ever-popular endeavour, and for good reason. The ‘Sunshine Coast’ continues to be one of the number one destinations for expats from all around the world, due to its many attractions and the option to indulge in both lavish and relaxing lifestyles. The choice is yours!

As Real Estate experts, Paradise Marbella know very well what this charming region has to offer, not least in terms of luxury villas, beachfront apartments and picturesque townhouses, to name a few of the enticing properties for sale on the Costa Del Sol; what’s more, there are dream properties available to suit most budgets.

Picture this…

You wake up in the morning and draw the curtains to be met by a clear blue sky and gorgeous golden sunshine reflecting light back at you from the still, gleaming swimming pool which beckons to you from your tree-lined, ornate patio.

After a hearty breakfast, you take a refreshing dip while planning your trip into central Marbella to peruse the diverse shopping options. Later you decide to pop into one of the many beachfront chiringuitos, enticed by the myriad inviting tapas smells… and perhaps even a jug of sangria.

By night, you meander around the stunningly beautiful Puerto Banus marina, immersing yourself in the relaxed vibe and drinking in the sights; awe-inspiring yachts against a backdrop of mesmerizing mountains, with locals and expats whiling away a few hours outside the many cafes and bars. This is only one of many pursuits your Costa Del Sol lifestyle can offer!

Why choose a home on the Costa Del Sol?

We have compiled a list of some of the best things about living on the Costa Del Sol, so that those thinking about buying a property in Marbella or the surrounding regions can get a glimpse into what is on offer, in terms of both property and an exciting new lifestyle!

  1. Beautiful Climate and stunning scenery

With 320 days of sunshine per year on average, you’ll rarely be short of rays. The mountain ranges, nature parks and idyllic beaches here are two of the things that make it popular enough to be TV-worthy, and health and wellness is a big thing here; you’ll have countless options for yoga, fitness, spa days… and breathing in that refreshing and healing sea air.

  1. Likeminded expats

There is a lot of culture here. Locals, visitors and expats alike come here to indulge in the attractive aspects of Spanish culture, which are concentrated in this beautiful region. For this reason it is very easy to meet other expats and build lasting friendships. After all, the innumerable activities on the Costa Del Sol are here to be shared!

  1. Investment opportunities

Whether you’re looking for your own home on the Costa Del Sol, a second home in Marbella to escape the daily grind of your own society, or a holiday home in Estepona to visit once or twice per year, Paradise Marbella are certain we can help you to make your budget go further.

Here on the Costa Del Sol you get more for your money, and it’s all systems go since the market has recently recovered! Popularity dictates –  now is the time to invest in a property in this award winning country!

  1. Countless activities and diverse entertainment

Take your pick! Ferias or skiing trips, salsa dancing or boat trips, hiking or windsurfing, parties, museum visits or sunbathing… Costa Del Sol has it all.

Don’t forget about the amazing food available to you. Unless you’ve led a very sheltered life, you’ll have heard about the fabulous food from this region: mouthwatering tapas!

  1. Glitz and glamour

If you want it, that is. Sure, it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but the great thing is that you have the option! If you want to rub shoulders with the rich and famous, Marbella is for you.

While buying a property in Marbella may be your best bet if celebrity culture excites you, if you want a more quiet, serene life, you could consider an amazing apartment in Estepona or Benahavis, where you can relax and soak up the serene surroundings on a daily basis.

  1. Fabulous architecture… and your dream home, of course!

Costa Del Sol (and the rest of Andalusia) has another string to its bow. The area offers a feast for the eyes with its intricate Moorish architecture and breathtaking White Villages! These places are as captivating from a distance as they are from within.



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