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Costa Blanca - Apartment
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Costa del Sol - Apartment
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 ‘Costa Blanca and Marbella real estate for sale’

There are hundreds of thousands of properties for sale on the Costa del Sol, which is great news for the prospective buyer – but it does throw up one question: Where to start? Well, here at Euro Prestige we have worked hard to earn our reputation as a trusted, reliable Real Estate agent on the Costa del Sol, so we are sure that you’ve come to the right place if you are buying a villa in Spain. Here’s why:

Established over 25 years ago, Euro Prestige has made a name for itself within the Spanish property market and listing prestigious property for sale in Marbella. We are part of a group of companies constructing and promoting a vast range of new and resale quality freehold properties in the area of the Southern Costa Blanca and Costa Del Sol. We make it our business to ensure that all properties marketed by the group are 100% legal and free of all encumbrances, giving our customers the confidence in both our legitimacy and the property choices we help them to make. At Euro Prestige we know that peace of mind is paramount when searching for freehold villas to buy in Spain.

Our property professionals are always at hand

We value our customers highly and for that reason we offer the advice and support of two dedicated teams who will be happy to walk you through the process of buying your ideal property. With offices in Torrevieja on the Southern Costa Blanca and Marbella on the Costa Del Sol, we are perfectly positioned to cover the best locations. We are certain that we can cater for all of our customers’ housing requirements, however specific they may be. The Spanish property listing professionals in our offices are there to make sure that all properties marketed by the group are 100% legal and that the value is accurate; we are not afraid to turn down resale properties when our experts consider them to be substandard or unrealistically priced. With this in mind, you can turn your thoughts to a suitable property. Whether you are looking for stunning, tranquil beachfront homes for sale in Spain or are more swayed by the charms of the picturesque ‘White Villages’ that the Costas are famed for, we can help. Perhaps you are more inclined to look for apartments for sale in Marbella centre or a traditional villa in Nueva Andalucia. Whatever your preference, we are confident that we will have it on our books – and if not, we will make it our business to find it for you!

We go the extra mile

Euro Prestige’s property experts bend over backwards to facilitate your smooth property purchase – we will be by your side every step of the way. We can even assist with troublesome chores like opening a bank account, finding legal representatives, attaining Spanish resident permits and more. We are even happy to introduce our customers to quality furniture specialists, and we can assist with any translations you’re struggling with. If we haven’t covered it, just ask; we pride ourselves on customer service and if something is within our power to do, we will do it.

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Keeping You Informed on What Really Matters to You

What are the Living Costs for an Expat in Spain?

When trying to price up a move to the Costa del Sol, it’s only reasonable to consider the costs involved in your whole new lifestyle, not only the cost of buying a property in Marbella, for example. You may be considering how far your income will stretch in Spain, given that it can be a little costly to get set up somewhere new, especially abroad. Fortunately, Spain is still on the cheap side for expats when compared to many other places in Europe, when it comes to living expenses. The cost has actually been going down, which is no doubt good news and some areas popular with tourists and have seen prices declining in shops. Costs haven’t changed too much over the last few years, since the relatively recent economic crisis kept living costs here in Spain from rising excessively. It is worth noting that fluctuations in currency rates between the Euro and the US dollar have significantly affected the numbers when it comes to cost of living. Below you will find a little insight into the basic costs of living, to give you a bit of an idea about what you can expect when investing in your Costa del Sol dream home! Utility bills Electric bills for a couple can be around 40€ per month. Note that if you use air conditioning in the hotter months, this can raise another thirty percent on average. Gas bills for a couple are around the same at approximately 40€ per month. Note that a furnace that runs on gas could significantly bump up the gas bill in winter by another 35€... read more

Work at Home Ideas for Expats in Spain

For expats moving to the Costa del Sol, the idea of working in a Spanish company or doing a general or unskilled job due to a lack of language ability may not be the most appealing thing in the world. Working from home may feel like a far better option for lots of expats. If you’ve lived abroad before, it may be the case that you already know what you can do to earn money without having the restrictions of being a foreigner within a new culture to contend with. There are benefits… There are lots of benefits to working from home. It may also be a little challenging in some regards, but usually this isn’t something to worry about. Forbes conducted a survey on the benefits from working from home maybe you can see the apartments for sale in marbella centre and decide where you want to work, and they concluded that there were five main ones: First up, work/home balance was considered to be a major benefit. Saving petrol came up next, followed by avoiding traffic. Lastly, home workers felt that they were more productive and had less distractions. So, it seems that saving money and time seem to be two of the most obvious benefits. Working from home (or whatever location you see fit) is increasingly appealing all over the world in modern times. There is a sense of freedom, but on the flip side it can require more discipline, especially if there is nobody checking on you to make sure you’re going to meet your deadlines and be consistently productive! There are also challenges… The... read more

Summer Festivities in the South of Spain

As a country Spain is well-known for its colourful, passionate and vibrant celebrations that take place throughout the year and throughout the country due to a large number of different themes and occasions. Whether it be a feria, a fiesta or a carnaval the Spanish never miss an opportunity to express their romantic nature through music and dance, gastronomic delights, beautiful costumes or fantastic performances. Such celebrations are characteristic of Spain and the lifeblood of the Spanish people. Should you be in the market for a Golden mile property for sale or Puerto Banus properties for sale some detailed information on this topic can be of great help. Types of festivities The majority of Spain’s traditional festivals are religious in their origin, such as the `carnaval´ that represents a period of indulgence before lent. Other traditional celebrations are held for important dates in the religious calendar, such as the Holy Week or the days of patron saints particular to each town or village. There are also more particular ferias and fiestas that celebrate age-old traditions of food or wine, flamenco or bullfighting right up to even more bizarre events that earn international attention such as La Tomatina in Bunol near Valencia, where attendees throw tomatoes at each other. In addition to this, Spain also has its fair share of modern festivals that include international music festivals and gay pride marches. Dress While it’s not obligatory to wear costumes at special events, the magnificent traditional outfits of locals may be enough to make anyone wearing ordinary clothes feel jealous. The most famous of these is the flamenco dress that originates... read more



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